ASUE and DVGW to cooperate

To gain further influence in the different interests in the energy sector, two associations in the gas industry have entered into a strategic cooperation: the Deutsche Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (German Gas and Water Association / DVGW) and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für sparsamen und umweltfreundlichen Energieverbrauch (Working Group for Energy Conservation and Environmentally Friendly Energy Use / ASUE). On 29th May 2015, the Chairman of the Board of the DVGW, Prof. Dr. Gerald Linke, and President of the ASUE, Dr. Ludwig Möhring, signed an appropriate agreement in Berlin. Its primary goals are closer collaboration in the completion of economic research in the energy sector as well as attaining a stronger weighting for the energy carrier of natural gas. Linke made the following comment: “with its expertise in the transfer of knowledge, the ASUE is the ideal future partner for us.” Möhring explained: “the key to the success of the energy transition is not in the development of renewable energy alone, but ultimately in the climate-efficient and costs-optimized integration of technologies and renewable energies that are based on natural gas.”

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