Patrick Schnell Leaves CEP

P. Schnell & T. Bystry (r.)

Change in personnel at the beginning of the year at Clean Energy Partnership (CEP): Patrick Schnell, who had worked at the organization since it started out as a demonstration project (which succeeded the Verkehrswirtschaftliche Energiestrategie or VES in 2002), handed over his chairmanship of CEP to Thomas Bystry. Schnell, whose primary employment is managing the Sustainable Development department at Total Germany, was spokesperson of the transportation initiative for around ten years. In the future, his main focus will be industrial lubricants instead of hydrogen. Bystry has worked for Shell since 1982. Since 2014, the industrial manager has headed the Alternative Energy division at the corporation. The 50-year-old from Hamburg is also project manager of hydrogen activities and deputy of the Global Hydrogen Operations Manager. His first promise as new chairman was that CEP will deliver this year what has been promised.

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