Coop Sticks Around – Axpo Quits

Despite announcements to the contrary, the H2 project in Glattfelden in the Swiss canton of Zurich (see HZwei issue from July 2015) will deliver on its promises. At the beginning of March 2016, rumors had it that Axpo and Coop would stop their joint project. The project’s coordinator, Hansjörg Vock from H2 Energy, told H2-international that “the rumors weren’t true,” as “only Axpo had exited the project,” but had done so by mutual agreement. Vock explained: “Coop is as motivated as ever to continue work on the project. The exit of Axpo will have absolutely no negative impact on it – neither regarding dates, nor scope.” He added that Coop had already ordered the H2 filling station as well as a truck prototype and eleven fuel cell cars. The filling station is scheduled to go online in 2017.

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