eZelleron Moves to USA

Sascha Kühn

While some talk about the bankruptcy of start-up eZelleron from Dresden, Germany, others only say that the headquarters were relocated to the US. How much truth is to these rumors? First, what is certain is that the delivery of fuel cell device kraftwerk will be late, as bankruptcy proceedings for eZelleron GmbH began on April 18, 2016, at the local court in Dresden.

Although the company from the German state of Saxony collected more than USD 1.5 million in January 2015 during a spectacular crowdfunding campaign (see HZwei issue from April 2015), the money seems to have not nearly been enough for the planned advancement and manufacturing of fuel cell chargers running on liquid gas. The situation is already getting complicated here because the campaign, for which eZelleron boss Sascha Kühn had established a separate company in the US, eZelleron Inc., was handled through US online funding platform kickstarter.com. The preorders from the 11,500 supporters on Kickstarter have been managed by the American business, which continued operations as usual. The only enterprise to file for bankruptcy was German eZelleron GmbH.

Almost at the same time as the start of the bankruptcy proceedings, precisely five days prior, eZelleron opened a new office in …


German Accelerator

Like Hydrogenious, kraftwerk is participating in the German Accelerator program initiated by the federal economic ministry, a program intended to help start-ups gain access to international markets. In mid-October, eZelleron GmbH had already been selected for the program by a panel of experts. German Accelerator also provided the office in Palo Alto.

5 thoughts on “eZelleron Moves to USA”

  1. So I have heard nothing about my purchase of my kraftwerk charger. I still have my PayPal receipt from my purchase. Could you please fill me in on what is going on. Thanks

  2. This company is fraudulent. I ordered one over a year ago. Besides the receipt mail I have received nothing at all. I’ve emailed them several times over the last 6 months, no response… Looked at their website and now the date of “delivery” is pushed out another year!???!!! Checked paloalto city registration. There not here. Checked the hosting of their website. Registered to this guy from Delaware. He. Claims to have offices in new York and paloalto. No he doesn’t, German accelerator does but it was dropped by them in October of last year.. we will never see these chargers hit the market. Probably a re-cased lilliputian.

  3. I have been waiting for over two years for this product. It’s one excuse after another. No explanations, and a vicious attack when I made comments on Kickstarter. Don’t invest with these crooks. They wasted our money moving from Germany on our dime. No contacting supporters, you can’t even see what’s going on on Kickstarter. Is this the way they run a business in Germany? I don’t think so, so get off your ass sacha and get it done and try and save some face for your criminal enterprise. Hahaha a bit late

    • It would be nice if they would at least talk to us. But very unprofessional. The more people we get to complain maybe they will eventually reply.

  4. Oh well, I’m only out $ 99.00, i have blown more and a few spins on a slot machine in Vegas.

    One thing for sure, asshole like Ezelleron aka Kraftwerk ruin Kickstarter for legimite companies, But I will never support any company on Kickstarter again..


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