FuelCell Energy Delivers 1.4 MW for Mannheim

© Friatec

Large fuel cell systems in the megawatt range have so far been set up primarily in South Korea or the States. Now, Germany is said to get its first 1.4 MW plant. The new system by FuelCell Energy Solutions is currently being built in the Friedrichsfeld suburb of Mannheim (see photo). E.ON Connecting Energies has been implementing the Direct FuelCell® unit since February 2016 on the premises of Friatec. Michael Schaefer, head of production engineering at Friatec, said that technical acceptance of the molten carbonate fuel cell should be completed at the end of July, and the inauguration ceremony was scheduled for September 2016. The fuel cell is said to cover 60% of the total energy demand of the plastics processing company through combined power and heat (electric efficiency: 47%). Friatec CEO Klaus Wolf explained: “Our production processes require a lot of power and heat. The use of fuel cell technology covers this demand in an efficient and clean manner.” (See also stock market analysis)

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