Sascha Kuhn Now at Elcore

Sascha Kuhn, © Elcore

Elcore, a manufacturer of fuel cell heating systems, had already elevated Sascha Kuhn to a board position at the beginning of this year. The former CEO of Bayerngas Energy Trading is expected to use his management skills to advance the growth of the company located in Munich, Germany. Kuhn has had longtime experience in the energy industry and is considered a specialist in helping growth-phase businesses. At Elcore, he has taken over the commercial tasks at board level. He said: “I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity of supporting Elcore in advancing an efficient and promising technology such as the fuel cell and to apply my expertise also to physical product manufacturing.” The company’s founder, Manfred Stefener, added: “Now is the time to expand our sales network and enhance our business organization. Such a task requires precisely the economic and legal expertise Mr. Kuhn brings to the job.”

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