21st World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Zaragoza

WHEC in Zaragoza, © Calvera

From June 13 to 16, the World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC 2016) took place in Spanish Zaragoza. It was the twenty-first time that hydrogen experts from all around the globe met to discuss the potential of H2 and fuel cell technology as well as power-to-gas. In the words of Javier Brey, this year’s WHEC chair and head of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2), the conference was primarily about, “making people aware to the fact that others work on hydrogen strategies, while we’re lagging behind,” although it remained unclear whether he meant Spain or Europe with his statement. He added that currently, the main aim of global activities was “to continue cutting costs and extending the economic life of fuel cell and hydrogen systems.” Talking about his country, Brey also said: “Spain must become aware of the opportunities hydrogen presents in establishing a local source of sustainable fuel to supply the transport and industrial sector as well as private households.”

All in all, the event attracted 800 people to the Congress Palace in Zaragoza. The World Hydrogen Technology Convention (WHTC) will be held in Prague next year and the biannual WHEC will come to Rio de Janeiro in 2018.

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