Gummert Leaves SOLIDpower

Guido Gummert, © SOLIDpower

“Everything has progressed at a much faster pace than I expected,” Guido Gummert, formerly CEO of SOLIDpower, had told the Aachener Nachrichten in early 2017. What he meant was the rapid turnaround at Ceramic Fuel Cells after it filed for bankruptcy in March 2015. After SOLIDpower took over Ceramic Fuel Cells, business recovered fast, but now Gummert left the Italian-based manufacturer of stationary fuel cells at the end of February 2017 at his own request.

Alberto Ravagni, CEO of the SOLIDpower Group, signed a cooperation agreement with Korea Electric Power Corporation, a South Korean energy supplier, in Gwangju in December 2016. It was this agreement that led Gummert to say in late January 2017 how pleased he was that the business based in Mezzolombardo, Italy, had meanwhile grown “from 30 employees to now 55.”

Shortly thereafter, on Feb. 27, 2017, it was announced that Andreas Ballhausen, formerly sales and business development manager and board member of SOLIDpower, would head business operations in the future. In March, Gummert then took on an executive position at a northern German energy supplier, which means he will stay in his home region. Ravagni expressly recognized Gummerts’ accomplishments and regrets him leaving the company.

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