Electrolyzer Market Overview

resultsLast November, H2-international published a first market overview of residential fuel cell systems. This time, we will take a closer look at electrolyzers. To try and map the current situation on the electrolyzer market, we contacted 18 manufacturers, primarily from the German-speaking region, but also from across Europe and North America. Ten of them have sent us details on their electrolyzers. Nine of them have made it onto the product list; Diamond Lite and Proton OnSite provided virtually identical information. The data shown in the table was not independently verified by H2-international; it comes directly from the business involved.

However, some manufacturers did not want to be included in the table. One reason for declining the offer was that not all information requested by H2-international could be provided, meaning that potential customers would get reliable data, but that the data was not meant to be publicized – even if it were part of an anonymized list.

Considering the above, the list shown here is neither exhaustive nor complete. Moreover, we were aware when creating the table that the devices could not be adequately compared, for example, because manufacturers may use diverging methods to calculate unit efficiency. Please keep this in mind when viewing the table. Still, it is our hope that this list can give you somewhat of an overview of dedicated stakeholders and improve market transparency.

The information compiled in this month’s edition will be followed by data on products and components in the next issues of H2-international. And, of course, we will update these tables if the market situation changes, so that manufacturers not yet shown on this list will be included in the next. And please have also a closer look in the following articles about electrolyzers.

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  1. Well, done.
    Thanks, Herr Geitmann.
    It is always good, to bring some lights on the H2 and FC
    as well as the Electrolyzers scene.
    Which needs to be enlightened, a lot.


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