H2 Energy on track for expansion

Rolf Huber, © Pionierpreis

H2 Energy, a Swiss corporation based in the Glattpark industrial area in Opfikon, near Zurich, is gradually expanding its reach. CEO Philipp Dietrich said that the company would now concentrate its efforts on the German market. In mid-January, it formed a joint venture with Global Automotive Partners. Reportedly, the new business, called H2 Energy Deutschland, will sell renewable hydrogen produced in Pliening, northeast of Munich, and develop systems to make use of the gas. Prior to the venture, H2 Energy had set up a subsidiary in Norway.

Rolf Huber, H2 Energy’s chairman, said that Germany offered an ideal environment for growth. The country had great potential to become a major renewable hydrogen consumer and provided good access to other EU markets.

Michael Spitznagel, CEO of both Global Automotive Partners and the joint venture, added that the collaboration with H2 Energy was a great opportunity for Global Automotive Partners to strengthen its role in the industry and broaden its product portfolio.

H2 Energy has also succeeded in attracting a new shareholder. In late January, family-owned oil producer Osterwalder St. Gallen announced a strategic shift toward renewable energies. Its intent to establish a line of hydrogen products was said to have been the reason for its investment in H2 Energy. The investment gave Martin Osterwalder, who sits on Osterwalder St. Gallen’s board of directors, a seat on the directors’ board of the hydrogen technology supplier. He said he was convinced that hydrogen would have a bright future in heavy-duty transportation. His company is part of Avia, formed in 1927 as a group of independent Swiss importers of petroleum products. According to him, Avia was planning to add hydrogen refueling sites to its gas station network at some point in the future.

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