Hydrogenious gets new partner in Broad Ocean

Daniel Teichmann

Hydrogenious Technologies, based in Erlangen, Germany, has succeeded in bolstering its global partner network over the past months. In mid-January, it said that it had signed a cooperation agreement with a Chinese supplier, Zhongshan Broad Ocean Motor Co., while South African mining corporation Anglo American Platinum, also known as Amplats, had increased its investment in the company. In late 2017, during Hydrogenious’ third round of financing, both Broad Ocean and Amplats decided to pour money into the clean technology manufacturer to expand the hydrogen infrastructure in China.

Daniel Teichmann, CEO of Hydrogenious, announced that the business’s first-ever LOHC hydrogen station in China would be set up in early 2019. Charles Lu, founder and chairman of Broad Ocean, said that the 2016 license agreement with Ballard Power Systems had been his company’s entry to the hydrogen market. Together with Hydrogenious, Broad Ocean was now ready to take on the next challenge. According to Andrew Hinkly, CEO of Anglo American Platinum’s corporate venturing unit, Amplats believes that the strategic partnership with Broad Ocean will accelerate the market adoption of fuel cell vehicles in China.


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