Transportation ministry funds off-grid fuel cell units

Christian Schmidt, © BMEL/ Trutschel

The National Innovation Program Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology is now providing financial support for off-grid fuel cell systems. Christian Schmidt, acting federal transportation minister, said in February 2018 that the government intended to guarantee the eco-friendly, uninterrupted supply of critical and remote off-grid infrastructure. The program had been extended to include fuel cell units to increase their market adoption and cost-effectiveness. He added that fuel cells were vital infrastructure components, especially when used to power traffic control installations and the government’s public safety communications network.

Funds from the EUR 5 million budget are available for off-grid fuel cell units not exceeding 20 kilowatts of capacity. In total, the measure is hoped to lead to the installation of up to 600 devices in public safety communications and traffic control. The maximum reimbursement is 40 percent of the added capital costs compared to a conventional unit. The deadline for applications is May 31, 2018. The relevant documents can be submitted online at


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