Fuel cell power plant market overview

overviewAs part of an online survey, H2-international has asked 12 suppliers of fuel cell power plants to provide information about their product portfolio and the market. Unfortunately, only four of them filled out the questionnaire, describing four products in total. Datasheets available elsewhere were used to add more systems to the table below. Because of the small number of respondents, we have decided not to perform any statistical analysis and will focus on some commonalities instead.

The three suppliers that responded had a list of relevant target markets, namely Europe and the Asian high-tech tigers South Korea and Japan. Not one of them believes that the United States was of interest to their business. They also agreed that renewable energies and hydrogen could push each other to new heights. In their opinion, it would make sense to increase public funding for fuel cell power plants.

One of the respondents would like hydrogen technology to have a higher public profile to make installation figures go up and prices go down. Another criticized the fact that hydrogen produced from renewable energies was subject to the same regulations as diesel fuel. “It’s the biggest obstacle to growing demand for fuel cell power plants,” he wrote.

Written by Eva Augsten

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