Linde Invests in Hydrogen

Industrial gases producer Linde has a new hydrogen production system in Leuna, providing more evidence of the company’s shift in strategic focus. On Oct. 24, 2018, Linde announced that it would add another hydrogen liquefier to its chemical manufacturing facilities in Saxony-Anhalt. The unit, scheduled to come online in 2021, would double production capacity to ten metric tons of hydrogen a day and would, like the old one, be linked to the regional pipeline system, through which it would be connected to the hydrogen production process. To meet customer demand for the ultra-cold fluid, Linde was likewise planning to increase the number of trailers carrying liquid hydrogen.

Jens Waldeck, who is in charge of operations in middle Europe, said that “the increasing use of hydrogen as fuel for road and railroad vehicles makes a liquefier a valuable, future-proof investment.” Besides offering increased shipping capabilities, the unit was meant to improve product quality as well, he added.

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