Up to 52 Fueling Stations at Truck Stops


Fueling Stations
Fueling Stations, © Hydrogentle

At the FC Expo in Tokyo in late February, Hydrogentle, based in Hamburg, said it would collaborate with other stakeholders in the industry to install a countrywide network of hydrogen fueling stations in Germany to offer drivers a wide range of places to fill up their commercial vehicles. To this end, it signed an agreement with an unnamed partner company about adding hydrogen pumps to truck stops alongside German autobahns. In all, 30 stops are expected to be put up in nearby industrial areas, although the number could ultimately rise to 52.


David Wenger, the chief executive of Wenger Engineering and co-founder of Hydrogentle, told H2-international the project, called H2GO, was aimed especially at those who drive trucks or other commercial vehicles, such as buses, forklifts and StreetScooter vans, around the industrial areas or pass by the truck stops where the fueling stations would be located. He noted Hydrogentle “will not build the fueling stations but buy them,” adding that construction in Cuxhaven had started. Four additional stations were scheduled to be built in the state of Lower Saxony. When talking to H2-international, Marco Schmidt, who shares CEO duties at Hydrogentle with Wenger, said the project was “advancing quite well. I think the market for hydrogen is gradually growing in importance.” Schmidt is also the head of CreoVis, a Hamburg-based consulting and investment firm that supports a variety of projects and businesses.

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