FuelCell Energy – Chance for a new beginning

Jason Few, FuelCell Energy
Jason Few, © FuelCell Energy

What a farce it was that shortsellers took advantage of toxic financing (i.e. preference shares convertible into ordinary shares) to depress FuelCell Energy’s share price and at the same time get more and more of the company’s shares onto the market – at least, this is what I think happened not too long ago. In addition, some project financing was subject to conditions that could be considered questionable (e.g. minimum return, guarantees). In addition, bank loans were used as leverage against the company, as reference was made to safety margins and termination clauses, while FuelCell did not approach restricted cash. A vicious circle.

In my opinion, the business consultancy Huron did a good job in this respect, reappointed the Executive Board, had debts paid off on the stock exchange via a share issue and completely repositioned the company. Jason Few has been the new President and CEO since August. Since the end of October Huron is again no longer there.

“FuelCell Energy is well positioned to participate in the global future of clean energy. […] We want to revitalise our customer relationships and the FuelCell Energy brand at the highest level and promote the fuel cell as a forward-looking solution in the global clean energy sector.”

Jason Few, FuelCell Energy

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Risk warning

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Author: Sven Jösting, written beginning of December 2019

February 12th, 2020: First sentence exchanged.

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