Growth and strengthening

A. Steinau, J. Starr, S. Beck (from left to right)
A. Steinau, J. Starr, S. Beck (from left to right), © CEP

At the annual meeting of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) at the end of 2019, a new management trio came together. Jörg Starr of Audi, who was recently elected Chairman of the Board, was joined by two Co-Chairs: Stefanie Beck from Toyota and André Steinau from GP Joule.

In addition, the cross-industry industrial initiative was expanded by two new members: With EWE and GP Joule, both an energy supplier and a service provider joined CEP, which now comprises fifteen institutions. Starr also used the conference to prescribe a fresh cell cure for the company merger so that in future the H2 and FC topic could be brought into the public eye with a little more momentum and vigour.

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