In a positive mood

The Automotive Business Barometer has found that a clear majority of executives working in the auto industry wish automakers and politicians in Germany would support more of the technologies deployed in electric vehicles. Over 80 percent of those who took part in the survey criticized the current focus of politics and industry on all-electric transportation.

Early this year, online market research firm Dynata conducted a survey on behalf of PwC Strategy& among more than 200 executives working in the German auto sector at manufacturers, suppliers and dealerships that generate annual revenues in excess of EUR 500,000. They said electric transportation, fuel cells and batteries were the most important future-proof markets in need of innovation and believe their own companies to be relatively well-prepared for the challenges ahead, in particular when it comes to electric motor technology. However, almost two-thirds doubt alternative motors will ever be able to fully replace combustion engines.

Peter Gassmann, Managing Director of PwC Strategy& Europe, said that Germany, as well as Europe, will need to rethink its reliance on manufacturing facilities in Asia and build up local expertise and capacities. This could help ensure that “the auto industry, as one of the country’s most important industries, can stave off competition from the US and China.“

Another survey, conducted by Kantar Emnid for gas network operator Open Grid Europe, found the German public to have quite a positive attitude toward hydrogen. Most respondents saw it as an important technology to complete the country’s transition to a renewable economy. In all, 69 percent viewed hydrogen as future proof and expect it to make an important contribution to transforming the energy market, while 76 percent agreed that politicians and business leaders needed to increase investments in the technology and offer more support for the sector.

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