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Apex Energy
Apex Energy

Apex Energy Teterow CEO Mathias Hehmann has one vision: to turn his Rostock-based business into a one-stop hydrogen contractor. He intends Apex Energy to design, plan and install devices producing and storing hydrogen as well as run and maintain them over their lifetime.

He will also do away with complex, time-consuming contract negotiations and pre-project work. Instead, his company will offer custom-tailored system packages covering everything from energy generation, electrolysis and storage to fuel cell or CHP installation. Since May, Apex Energy, an Apex Group subsidiary, has been giving visitors to its offices in Laage, Germany, a first glimpse of what to expect from the company’s product portfolio.

Hehmann, 47, has bought a large piece of land right next to Rostock-Laage Airport. There, he will build a pilot system to publicly demonstrate his idea of a distributed energy grid. Currently, all required components are being delivered to Apex Energy’s premises, where it will link them up one by one.

On May 8, Proton Motor’s fuel cell arrived in a small, blue container (see fig. 1). Hard by is a green one holding a 2G CHP plant. More containers are scattered about the yard, all painted white. Inside of each of them is a hydrogen tank that came straight from manufacturer emano. Toward the back of the site, a hydrogen fueling station is being built in collaboration with McPhy and Resato. But first things first.

“As a full-service provider, we deliver custom-tailored system solutions to generate the energy of tomorrow.“
Mathias Hehmann, chief executive, Apex Energy Teterow

A complete supply chain solution

The spacious halls Hehmann and his team moved into 18 months ago used to house a printing company. At present, they are pretty much one big empty space. Only a dozen containers have been put up, spread out over a wide, gray field of concrete, as if someone forgot to take them away. This is where the company is planning to install a variety of several partners’ production lines.

Hehmann, who sees his company as a connecting element along the value chain, is planning to offer customers one-stop solutions for their energy needs, with components ranging from PV systems to hydrogen storage tanks. As a longtime professional in the PV industry, he is elated about the growth of the hydrogen market. According to him, the energy carrier offers the “missing piece of the puzzle,” that is, how to get solar electricity onto the heating and transportation markets.

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