Mathias Bode leaves Horiba

Mathias Bode, © Andreas Lander

Mathias Bode, FuelCon and Sensotech’s longtime chief executive, has decided to change careers. An automation technician by trade, he is now working for Aquin & Cie., a privately owned consultancy that specializes in mergers and acquisitions, mainly in the industrial automation, automotive testing and electric vehicle markets.

Bode founded Sensotech in 1990 and FuelCon in 2001, developing the latter into a major supplier of fuel cell and battery test equipment. He also supported FuelCon’s acquisition by the Japanese Horiba Group in 2018. He told H2-international that “Horiba asked me to stay with the company. But after 30 years in the market, I wanted to try out something new. Day-to-day business is now in the hands of Horiba Europe’s Markus Bode [no relation].”

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