GTT acquires Areva H2Gen

In mid-October 2020, French GTT announced their acquisition of electrolyzer manufacturer Areva H2Gen. Established in 1994, GTT is the result of a Gaztransport and Technigaz merger focusing on the transport and storage of liquified natural gas. With decades of experience handling cryogenic fluids, the company offers engineering and consulting services as well as training courses.

Areva H2Gen hails from Cologne, Germany, and used to be part of Areva S.A., renamed Orano in 2017, a French government-owned nuclear energy business based in Paris. Areva H2Gen was set up in May 2014 under a partnership agreement between the then-parent company’s electrolyzer division, Smart Energies subsidiary CETH2 and national agency ADEME. From the outset, Areva H2Gen has been led by Pascal Pewinski and Carsten Krause.

“Fusing our technical expertise with Areva H2Gen’s wealth of knowledge will drive growth, bringing both fresh impetus to France’s renewable hydrogen sector and increased value to shareholders,” said GTT chief executive Philippe Berterottière.

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