Hydrogen Summit in Glasgow

Parallel to COP26, on November 11th, 2021 the Hydrogen Transition Summit took place in Glasgow. There, Seifi Ghasemi, president and CEO of Air Products, the main sponsor of this conference, explained, “Climate change is real. We need to switch the energy supply to renewables.” Ivo Bols, president of the Europe and Africa branch of Air Products, said that his company will play an “important role in the H2 community.” Jean-Pierre Brisson, attorney and partner at the law office Latham & Watkins, which has advised in particular US fossil fuel companies on CCS issues, advocated pro blue hydrogen.

To which Chris Goodall, an independent commentator on new technologies, countered that the blue hydrogen route is primarily a way for conventional energy suppliers to retain power. He therefore clearly voted for the direct implementation of a green H2 economy.

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