Burckhardt Compression – boom in incoming orders

The stocks in this compression market leader have performed extremely well since they were first mentioned here in our H2-international magazine, improving from about CHF 300 to more than CHF 400. Burckhardt Compression benefited from a boom in orders for compressors, but also from its service solutions. In the first half of 2021, Burckhardt achieved significantly greater incoming orders of about 80 percent, taking it to CHF 450 million. A “strong increase in hydrogen mobility and energy activities” is expected for the second half of the current year.
Conclusion: The company has a bright future ahead of it and will benefit from the worldwide ramp-up of the hydrogen economy by being active in China too – an acquisition was already made here some time ago. I imagine the company could be a target for a takeover by a large corporation which, as a global player, could seamlessly incorporate Burckhardt Compression’s expertise into its own hydrogen product range. Continues to be suitable as a small admix.Risk warning
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Written by Sven Jösting December 7, 2021


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