Pooling of H2 knowhow

In April 2022, the German association for gas and water standards DVGW founded the “H2-Kompetenzverbund der deutschen Energiewirtschaft” to promote the use of hydrogen and the market ramp-up of H2 technology in Germany by pooling expertise. In this uniting of various institutes of the DVGW research network, the Engler-Bunte-Institut of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DVGW-EBI), DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH of the German fuel technology institute in Leipzig (DBI-GUT), the German fuel technology institute in Freiberg (DBI-GTI) and the fuel and heating research institute Gas- und Wärme-Institut in Essen (gwi) working in cooperation.

DVGW chairman Gerald Linke explained, “Without effective sharing and broad communication of research results, the mammoth task of converting our energy supply to climate-neutral sources cannot be accomplished.” Spokespersons of the new association are Gert Müller-Syring and Dr. Jörg Nitzsche, both from DBI.


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