Hydrogen as Messe highlight

From April 17 to 23 this year, the largest industrial show in the world is taking place in Hannover. In 2023, the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe event, which had started out as a small group stand at Hannover Messe, may be one of the draft horses of this technology show. The fair at the … Read more

Further delay to ITZ kick-off

In September 2021, Andreas Scheuer, the then German transportation minister, announced the chosen locations for the four planned ITZ technology and innovation centers for hydrogen technology (see H2-international, May and August 2021). One and a half years on and the competition winners are still waiting for permission to get started. The high degree of eagerness … Read more

Go to where the market is

This Hannover Messe will go down in history – I can already tell. At the world’s largest industrial show, in the capital of Niedersachsen, this year will be, according to the organizer, around 500 institutions exhibiting products and services for the hydrogen economy – more than half will also be represented at the Hydrogen & … Read more

The pressure is rising

In recent years, many compressor manufacturers have intensified their engagement in the hydrogen sector. Several medium-sized companies entered into new partnerships, and there have been several corporate takeovers. And individually dealing with compressors is no longer a separate ordeal for many, but is now offered in package with other services that are also needed for … Read more

Fresh faces at DWV

The German hydrogen and fuel cell association DWV elected a new executive committee in early December, thus continuing its rejuvenation. From the original committee lineup there now only remains Oliver Weinmann who will lead the association’s executive body for another two years. Silke Frank was reconfirmed as vice president. Uwe Ringel resumes the role of second … Read more

Hydrogen valley by the German-Polish border

The idea of hydrogen valleys – regions in which the development of hydrogen technology is specifically promoted – is not new in Poland. There are already a number of projects of this kind, which are not infrequently accompanied by economic development funding for former coal-mining regions. Now, the sixth hydrogen support region throughout northwestern Poland … Read more

Hydrogen for industrial heating

The German environmental foundation DBU published a short study in mid-December 2022 which investigated the use of hydrogen for process heat. The organization, working in partnership with the Gelsenkirchen net-zero port initiative, the Wuppertal Institute and Fraunhofer UMSICHT, analyzed the best way for the heating and industrial sector to become climate neutral. The authors found … Read more

At the speed of a big ol’ barge

Green hydrogen is to be used in particular where electrification by other means is not possible or only possible with great difficulty – for example in maritime applications. One of the greatest problems facing the shipping industry, however, is that there are only a few manufacturers who optimize their drive concepts for use on the … Read more

DVGW elects new president

The German association for gas and water standards (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches eV, DVGW) appointed Jörg Höhler as its new president at the end of November. His predecessor, Michael Riechel, gave up this post earlier than originally planned. The DVGW explained to H2-international that Riechel, who is additionally board chairman of Thüga AG, … Read more

Possible routes for hydrogen ramp-up

The looming climate crisis and the inadequate diversification regarding energy source countries made visible by the Russian aggression in Ukraine is evidence that more speed is needed in the energy transition. Hydrogen will play an important role in the energy systems of the future. Due to this time pressure, the German government has taken on … Read more