FuelCell Energy – Where are we going?

EuroFuelCell Energy should actually have generated a quarterly turnover of over 30 million USD in the second quarter, ending April 30th (fiscal year), but it was by then only about 16 million USD with a stated loss in the amount of about 31 million USD, or minus 0.08 USD per share. The management board nevertheless believes that they are on track to achieve a turnover of 300 million USD by 2025, and 1 billion USD by 2030. The order backlog was almost unchanged at about 1.3 billion USD. In the bank lies a formidable 490 million USD, for which a multitude of share placements (64 million new shares) is responsible – in proportion to the stock exchange value of 1.4 billion USD, a healthy basis, even if the question arises as to how these share placements were justified.

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FuelCell Energy – Legal dispute with Posco mutually ended

Finally: FuelCell Energy has agreed and settled with South Korean company Posco. FuelCell is now independent from Posco again and can pursue other opportunities in Asia. The company figures of FuelCell Energy are not yet very convincing, given the last quarterly results: a measly 14 million USD turnover. Although there are pending orders of 1.29 billion USD in the books, so far seemingly few new orders are coming in. The cooperation with ExxonMobil was extended once again, but with no new conditions to report. 

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Fuel cell stocks on the move

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Every day, more and more encouraging stories are popping up on news tickers, saying that companies, cities, towns and entire unions of countries, such as the EU, want to step on the gas in terms of climate action, with hydrogen definitely playing a crucial role in their efforts. While people are still sparring over what production method we should focus on, I am sure green hydrogen will win out in the end. Though we may need some of that blue gas to get to green.

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