NOW Network Atlas

Cover NOW-Atlas-H2-NetzwerkeThe Nationale Organisation für Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie (NOW) GmbH has produced a new overview: During the Supplier Marketplace on 18 August 2021, the Berlin agency presented the “Atlas of Hydrogen Networks in Germany”, which is intended to support both regional and nationwide searches for potential partners.

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Hydrogen Romantic

RomanticMany readers, especially those who’ve been following the hydrogen industry for a while, will already be acquainted with the name T. Nejat Veziroglu, also known by his decades-long moniker “Mr. Hydrogen.” Now over 90 years old, he rose to international prominence following his pivotal role in the growth of the global hydrogen market, including as the longtime organizer of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference.

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Come on!

Cover "Come on!"

When the Club of Rome’s first book was published in 1972 it caused quite a stir. A report on the state of humanity, “The Limits to Growth” was penned by Donella and Dennis Meadows, two scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT in the U.S. Even back then, the two authors were able to demonstrate that each person’s individual, localized behavior not only has an impact locally but has global repercussions and that these repercussions extend beyond an individual person’s time frame and sphere of activity. Since then it’s become clear that the excuse of “what I do here doesn’t bother anyone” no longer stands up to scrutiny.

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