Remanufacturing – the ultimate recycling economy

Remanufacturing process of a PEM stack and its manufacturing cost structure.
Remanufacturing process of a PEM stack and its cost structure.

According to official statistics, waste management in Germany comprises the entire recycling economy. It differentiates between waste generation, further use and recycling as well as waste disposal. The legal basis is the Recycling Economy Act (KrWG), which is geared towards waste avoidance and recycling with the aim of protecting the environment.

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New integrated energy study

At the end of September 2017, the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology and Swiss consulting firm E4tech held a forum on how to transform the energy industry through sector integration. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss the legal, financial and technical barriers to greater interaction between energy sectors, determined prior to the event through an analysis of possibly interrelated factors, and to come up with solutions. The proposed strategy focuses on pushing forward short- and long-term measures that will have an impact on the market and the industry during the upcoming legislative period.

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An airport’s search for sustainability

Stuttgart airport turns into fairport STR

Innovative projects are something of a tradition at Stuttgart Airport: Echterdingen is home to several fuel cell airplane models, Baden-Wurttemberg’s first public hydrogen filling station set up in 2009 and hybrid technology field tests since 1991. The most recent project involves field-testing six electrically powered buses for regular day-to-day use.

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