Robert Rose †

Robert Rose

Robert Rose (1946 – 2018) was executive director of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute, Inc. (BTI), an independent nonprofit advocate for technologies that carry environmental benefits to society. BTI’s internationally recognized fuel cell education program, Fuel Cells 2000, was launched in 1993.

In a career spanning more than 35 years in Washington, D.C., “Bob” Rose served in senior communications and policy positions in the U.S. government, and as an advisor to state and regional governments, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. In 1998, he founded the U.S. Fuel Cell Council, the trade association of the fuel cell industry, and was executive director for ten years.

Rose has received the Fuel Cell Seminar Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Hydrogen Association as well as a Special Recognition Award from the Department of Energy in 2013. He was a working journalist in New England before moving to Washington to work for Senator Edmund S. Muskie of Maine, as press secretary and has written and edited hundreds of articles, speeches, editorial opinion pieces, pamphlets, and reports, as well as several handbooks on air quality and environmental policy. He also authored “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen: The Path Forward”.

He reported for H2-international especially from North America and Japan from summer 2015 to summer 2018. He died in October 2018 – we will miss him.

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  1. Yes please, we here in Europe get no information on Toyota and the Mirai. How many cars are on the road at the moment? How many fuel stations . I heared about 69 is that true? Will be there 400 Mirai on the road by December and 300 in California.
    And do they still have problems of producing enough stacks per month?

    What are the news about Honda?

    Best regards

  2. Dear Alexander

    Toyota is selling Mirais only in Japan at the moment; they claim 1,500 orders but are only building three a day – at least that is the report. Their plan was to build 1,000 this year but I think they wont make this many. The plan calls for 2,000 next year. There are about 50 stations in Japan operating or under construction, also about 50 stations in California and you know the (similar) situation in Germany. Toyota plans to enter the California market in a few months, Honda not until 2016 in Japan or the U.S. Here is a good summary of the U.S. situation:

    Best regards,
    Bob Rose

  3. Hi Bob,
    I’ve never had the opportunity to meet your vis/vis, though I’ve talked to you on the phone nearly 2 years back, and visited your office in a short-notice situation this past April. Hopefully you’re planning to attend the CHBC Summit in Sac in just over 2 weeks. An Air Liquide Sr Mgr is the keynote speaker which includes the global Hydrogen Council initiative which, as you know my firm is a founding member.

    Please let me know if you will attend, so I can set aside time with you and some of my management.
    Regards, Dwight

  4. Hi Bob
    This is a friend from the the 1990-2000 past. We met at Fuel Cell seminar meetings and National Hydrogen Association Meetings then. I was BP’s Man on Electric vehicles in the early 1990s and then joined the NIST Advanced Technology Program as a program manager on New Energy Technologies from 1994-2006.
    I’m drinking my coffee from a green Fuel Cell Summit IV mug that was held on May 10, 2000 in Washington DC.
    Cheers, Bob
    We certainly started something, didn’t we.

  5. Hi Gerry great to hear from you after all these years. I hope you are successfully retired and enjoying life. Yes it seems vehicle electrification is a reality for a part of the fleet though the trend toward heavier vehicles will be a challenge. Thanks for reaching out

    All the besy



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