Sven Geitmann

GeitmannSven Geitmann has been working with hydrogen and fuel cells since 1997, which was when he wrote his first study on this topic. He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and completed a diploma as a specialist journalist. Back in 2001 he was involved in writing an international study about hydrogen as fuel for aircraft (Cryoplane project). He now works as a journalist for hydrogen and fuel cells and is the founder and owner of the publishing house Hydrogeit Verlag.

The Hydrogeit Verlag was established in 2004 and has published several books about hydrogen, fuel cells, alternative fuels and renewable energies. Since 2006 it has also published the German magazine for hydrogen and fuel cells, HZwei. HZwei was the only technical literature in Germany and Europe on this topic to be published on a regular basis for years, and is well known throughout the European hydrogen and fuel cell community. 2015 started its translation H2-international – the e-journal on hydrogen and fuel cells.