e-Journal August 2021


Here you will find all previous H2-international issues since 2015, which you can download as a PDF file, print out and read in peace at home or in the office – free of charge.

In the HZwei archive you will also find the german issues from 2006 to 2014.

3 Legal Notice
4 Editorial
5 News

  • 65 HyStarter applications
  • Compass for H2 innovations
  • Third round of the H2 competition
  • 62 IPCEI projects
  • New H2 collaborations
  • Current-free sensor
  • Kasten takes Diwald’s side
  • Renaissance of methanol fuel cell?
  • Hydrogen summit
  • Niederer succeeds Fürst
  • Olympic fire is lit by hydrogen

    10 Politics
    Germany wants to exceed EU targets
    Interview with Christiane Averbeck, Climate Alliance Germany
    Preliminary decision on location of H2 innovation center
    Recommendations to policymakers

    18 House energy
    Metal hydride as H2 storage for residential house

    20 Energy storage
    Guest commentary by Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher
    Test centers for industrial H2 technology start operations
    Region series: HyStarter Rügen-Stralsund

    26 Electromobility
    High expectations for H2 trucks
    Driving report on the Toyota Mirai 2
    Stellantis launches H2 vans
    Starting signal for the Heidekrautbahn

    32 Development
    First endurance tests for alkaline fuel cells
    Hamburg to become H22 stronghold
    Microbial biomethane on the way to market maturity
    First micromix gas turbines burn pure hydrogen

    40 Reading corner
    Hydrogen romantic

    41 Product News
    Mobile multigas analyzer

    42 Market
    Interview with stock market expert Dirk Müller
    Sven Jösting’s stock analysis
    Digital value creation in a green H2 economy?
    Position paper of the National Platform Future of Mobility

    55 International
    Is Japan becoming a H2 society?
    Oman and Saudi Arabia plan to export solar energy
    Guest commentary by Scottish Energy Minister Michael Matheson

    61 Business directory

    66 Events / Legal Notice