e-Journal February 2022

Screw connections typical of electrolyzer stacks [Source: Green Hydrogen Systems]
3 Editorial

4 Contents

6 News
New ZBT director
Mineral oil industry shapes itself
Wystrach becomes Norwegian
Hydrogen manifesto signed
FCH JU becomes Clean Hydrogen Partnership
DWV demands concrete roadmap for economic miracle

9 Trade fairs
Industrial trade fair with H2 focus
Hydrogen Summit in Glasgow
Trade fair industry reorganizes
Peter Sauber says farewell after over 20 years
New Bremen-based H2 trade fair appealing

11 Politics
Policy instruments for market introduction
Harsh criticism for behavior regarding DZM and ITZ

16 Energy storage
Sustainable growth in the electrolyzer sector
Electrolyzer market overview and survey
Small on-site energy generation is on the up
Hydrogen production on the French Atlantic coast
Several approaches to using bioenergy
Hydrogen meta-analysis

26 Electromobility
Establishment of a hydrogen economy in Baden-Württemberg
Fuel cells in off-road rallying
Is Plug Power helping the German intralogistics industry?
Fuel cells enter luxury market
IAA Mobility held in Munich for the first time
Region Series: HyExperts – Region Emscher-Lippe
Efforts to expand hydrogen infrastructure are stalling

46 Development
Interview with Stephan Reimelt, Bloom Energy
The end of the internal combustion engine

52 Market
Sven Jösting’s stock analysis

60 International
Interview with Stijn van Els, Port of Rotterdam
The Netherlands is tipped to become a hydrogen gateway
Major hydrogen project in Namibia
Compass for the hydrogen world
No hydrogen imports from Morocco
Close cooperation with Dubai

65 Business directory

69 Events / Legal Notice