e-Journal January 2018


Cover: Mireo Train Platform and Kenworth Truck [Sources: Siemens, Ballard]



3 Legal Notice

4 News
New Manager at H-Tec Education
Nikutta New Head of Alstom Germany
Alpiq Buys Diamond Lite
Heliocentris Again Files for Bankruptcy
FCP Founded in Chemnitz

8 Trade Shows
30th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Stuttgart
Vying for Visitors
First Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Show in Las Vegas

12 Stationary Systems
Fuel Cells for Microsoft Data Center
Freudenberg Bought Elcore

14 Energy Storage
20 H2-Stations for Northern Germany
Interview with R. Christiansen, Pioneer in Wind Power
CertifHy-ing Green Hydrogen
Talk About Disruptive Technology

21 Electric Transportation
Fleet Operators go Electric
New Integrated Energy Study
Majors Searching for Fuel Cell Buses
Zero Emissions in Commerce
Refueling Fuel Cell Bus Fleets
Great Promise in Heavy-Duty Applications
Nothing to Rail Against

42 Funding
What will happen after 2019?

43 Product News

44 Research & Development
Fuel Cell Use in the Logistics Industry

46 Stock Market

50 Global Market
Fuel cell Use in the Land of the Fjords
Fuel Cell Industry Review by E4tech

56 Events
Discounts and Tickets

57 Business Directory