e-Journal July 2018

July 2018

Cover: Steel production (Source: Adobe Stock)

3 Legal Notice

4 Editorial

5 News
Werner Tillmetz Retires From ZSW
New Management Duo at H-Tec
Nico Rosberg Receives GreenTec Award
Falkenhagen Restarts Power-to-Gas Plant
Electrolyzer From Japan Runs at h2herten
Disrupting Energy and Transportation

8 Trade Shows
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Exudes Confidence
Norway in Spotlight of F-Cell Award

14 Stationary Systems
Massive Support for Residential Systems
ESI in New Housing Development
Off-Grid Homes

19 Energy Storage
Interview: H2 Storage in Ammonia Cartridges
Dibenzyltoluene: The Future of Hydrogen Storage
Power Plant to Substitute H2 for CH4

26 Electric Transportation
German Automakers Take a Detour
Is H2 Mobility a Keeper?
Electric Minicar for EUR 10,000
Fuel Cells Certain to Gain Traction After 2025
Cost-Effective Fuel Cell Manufacturing

34 Research & Development
Hydrogen in Steelmaking
GrInHy – Sunfire Tests RSOC in Salzgitter
Bipolar Plates: the Backbone of Fuel Cell Stacks

41 Product News

42 Stock Market

45 Global Market
BIG HIT Opens on Orkney Islands
H21 – Leeds Tests Switch to Hydrogen
Canada, the Industry’s New Benchmark
Increased Efficiency of Hydrogen Fueling Stations

54 Events
Discounts and Tickets

55 Business Directory