e-Journal July 2019


Here you will find all previous H2-international issues since 2015, which you can download as a PDF file, print out and read in peace at home or in the office – free of charge.

In the HZwei archive you will also find the german issues from 2006 to 2014.

2 Legal Notice
3 Editorial

4 News

  • Further change at SOLIDpower
  • New CEP boss is Statt
  • Bosch is to build fuel cells
  • DWV General Meeting

8 Trade shows

  • ESE in Düsseldorf and ees in Munich
  • New Energy Days in Husum
  • Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe bigger than ever before

15 House energy
FC heaters are a good start

16 Energy storage
Status and perspective of PtX
Great demand for HyStarter
HYPOS project H2 network started
Green ammonia in the tank
H2 project in the port of Emden
Wind rescuers at the Minister of Economic Affairs

28 Electromobility
Perception and acceptance of H2 stations
H24Racing – hydrogen powered racing
Continuous infrastructure support
Alstom is subject in the first instance
Fleet introduction of H2 rail vehicles
Hydrogen for aviation

40 Research & Development
Fuel cell vehicles in case of fire
Effect of hydrogen on materials
Iridium could slow down electrolyser run-up

47 Product news

48 Stock market

52 Global market
Australia’s number one export product

54 Events

55 Business directory