e-Journal May 2020

Celebrating 20 years of HZwei

3 Legal Notice

4 Editorial

5 News
Hydrogen Council expands its influence
Viessmann shuts down Hexis
In a positive mood

7 Trade shows
HyVolution to be held annually
Postponed or cancelled events

8 House energy
Fuel cell CHP system made in China
Current home fuel cell offerings
New gas boilers run on hydrogen

15 Politics
A green deal is on the table
German government argues about hydrogen

19 Energy storage
Hydrogen production on platforms and islands
Capacity needs to grow
Advanced solid hydrogen carriers

28 Electric transportation
Hydrogen vehicles: Trends and outlook
Fuel cells go the extra mile
No more diesel fuel on board

38 Research & Development
How to guarantee a renewable product
Hydrogen vehicle metrology
Pyrolysis as a hydrogen production pathway

43 Stock market

48 Global market
UK gears up for hydrogen geating
CH2ILE – The hidden hydrogen champion
Overview about FCH JU activities
Solar, hydrogen and fuel cells combined

57 Products

58 Events

59 Business directory