December 2019

There will be FC mobility and an H2 industry


picture There will be FC mobility and an H2 industry

There is a lot going on in the energy sector at the moment. As a result of numerous activities and events – be it diesel scandals or CO2 pricing, driving bans or Fridays-for-Future demonstrations, flight shame or real laboratories – more and more players are committing themselves to more sustainability as well as to hydrogen … Read more

picture Potentials of a future energy system

The energy system of the future faces numerous challenges with its increasing decarbonisation, the further expansion of renewable energies and the coupling of the electricity, heat, transport and industrial sectors. … Read more

picture Iceland: From pioneer to laggard

Iceland was quick to recognise the opportunities offered by hydrogen and fuel cells for the transport sector – but has unfortunately made little of them to date. At the end of the last millennium, the Nordic island was regarded as a pioneer in the field of hydrogen, because it considered the vision of a sustainable … Read more

picture Green hydrogen for low-emission refineries

The member companies of the German Petroleum Industry Association (MWV) welcome the Paris Climate Protection Agreement and the associated targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors. The petroleum industry can make a significant contribution to achieving the targets with renewable fuels. … Read more

picture Cost-effective and flexible

Green hydrogen, preferably produced by electrolysis, links the energy, industry and mobility sectors and is an important tool to enable the integration of renewable energies. Proton exchange membrane electrolysis (PEMEL) is considered the most promising technology due to its power density and dynamics. … Read more

picture Positive influence of CO2 pricing

Synthetic gases will play an important role in the full supply of renewable energies for Germany’s energy requirements. The meta-analysis of (1) shows that, according to several studies, an electrolysis capacity of more than 100 GW is required in the future energy system in Germany. If such an electrolysis capacity is to be installed in … Read more

picture FC cars pay off in the long term

When it comes to the subject of “infrastructure of electric vehicles”, there are many different opinions regarding costs, the possibility of integrating the infrastructure into the power grids and the efficiency of energy supply. Depending on one’s point of view, the infrastructure for battery cars is sometimes better than that for fuel cell cars. … Read more

picture Fit-4-AMandA – Stack robot delivered

Fuel cell technology offers an immense opportunity for future emission-free mobility. One of the biggest challenges for their breakthrough, however, is the currently still high costs compared to the gasoline or diesel drives established on the market. … Read more

picture California to eliminate emissions

California continues to move the needle in adopting more and more ambitious climate, energy and transportation goals, to improve air quality and reduce health impacts from emissions, and to develop a strong clean energy economy in the state that creates sustainable jobs. … Read more

picture Where does electro-mobility stand?

Electric mobility represents an important contribution to climate protection and the use of renewable energies in the transport sector. VDE/ETG, VDI-FVT and VDI-GEU have therefore attempted to present the current state of development of fuel cell passenger cars (FCEV) and battery electric passenger cars (BEV) within the framework of an interdisciplinary working group made up … Read more

picture Lignite versus H2 power plant

A stable energy supply in the future can only be ensured with the storage of energy on a large scale. On the basis of the liquid organic hydrogen carrier system (LOHC) and with the aid of PEM electrolysis and solid oxide fuel cells, the dimensions and above all the capacity of a storage power plant … Read more

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Articles of the H2-international issue – October 2019

  • A master plan for a hydrogen economy
  • Austria as hydrogen nation No. 1
  • Comment by Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker                                     
  • Heated debate concerning the CO2 price
  • Untersteller-interview: “We’re still in shock.”
  • Green hydrogen for low-emission refineries
  • California to eliminate emissions
  • Chemnitz becomes H2-Centre
  • Klaus Bonhoff switches to politics
  • f-cell with 24-hour rally
  • BDR wants to install 400 H2 boilers




  • FC Expo, February 26 to 28, 2020, Tokyo Big Sight, in Tokyo, Japan,
  • Energy Storage Europe, March 10 to 12, 2020, in Düsseldorf, Germany,

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