February 2021

Political leaders just love hydrogen


Political leaders just love hydrogen

On AFID, EEG, IPCEI, RED II and the Green Deal Leaders are in the hot seat. The German government is expected to fix it all – the Covid-19 crisis, the climate crisis, the energy crisis, and the auto industry crisis. Summit after summit after summit. We’re hearing an awful lot from the chancellor, ministers, business … Read

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EEG to “jump-start a green hydrogen economy”

Amendments cut clean energy surcharges on hydrogen Experts agree, German parliament has scored an important hydrogen economy victory. EEG,amendments exempt hydrogen from a good portion of clean energy surcharges. What we need now is a renewable capacity to match. … Read more

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HY4 gets Permit to Fly

Electric transportation In August 2020, MTU entered into partnership with the German Aerospace Center – DLR, which has been conducting research into hydrogen technology for many years. The partners intend to develop and validate a fuel cell powertrain’s functionality for a Dornier 228 airplane with an electric MTU propeller engine providing over 500 kilowatts of … Read more

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Hydrogen-powered aviation

In June 2020, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking and the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking published their report “Hydrogen-powered aviation – A fact-based study on hydrogen technology, economics, and climate impact by 2050.” H2-international took advantage of the opportunity to ask FCH JU executive director Bart Biebuyck the following two questions: … Read

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Truly added value

Interview with Katherina Reiche, National Hydrogen Council president After 17 years representing the Christian Democrats in the German Bundestag, Katherina Reiche took on a high-level job at the environment ministry in 2009. Four years later, she held the same position, albeit with the transportation ministry. Then it was time to move on. Between 2015 and … Read more

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Hurray for hydrogen!

Hybrid event marks f-cell’s 20th anniversary Trade shows and conferences In 2001, Peter Sauber Messen und Kongresse event management kicked off the f-cell show in Stuttgart, Germany. Since that first, intimate get-together, featuring a small exposition, f-cell has become a hydrogen and fuel cell magnet. In September 2020, f-cell celebrated its 20th anniversary with a … Read more

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Digital H2 events

What’s (not) hot at HOC, H2.0 and WindEnergy Trade shows and conferences How do you report on a conference you attended from your office chair or couch at home? Were you able to attend closely to each and every online presentation and workshop? I have to admit, I find webinars and online trade shows difficult … Read more

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kraftwerk is back

Handheld charger still in the works A plague of trademark disputes and court cases took eZelleron and its kraftwerk product virtually off the grid for five long years. Then, last October, kraftwerk TUBES chief executive Sascha Kühn informed H2-international that the business is coming out of “stealth mode” to demonstrate the fruits of quiet progress. … Read more

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DWV becomes industry association

DVGW partnership with DVGW confirmed For years now, the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, DWV, has been trying to find a new path forward. The association’s annual meeting in Hamburg, Germany, last September did nothing to remedy matters as members once more put off several decisions regarding its future. Finally, a well-organized online event … Read more

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The cost of clean hydrogen-generated electricity…

… and the challenge of going mainstream This article will review the cost of clean, hydrogen-generated electricity based on the levelized cost of energy, grid parity, baseload, and intermediate and peak load. The question to answer is, what power prices can consumers and industrial customers expect at the point of use? … Read more

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Hydrogen Campus in Salzgitter

Early last September, several business, city and state representatives signed a cooperation agreement to construct a Hydrogen Campus on a Bosch-owned site in Salzgitter, Germany. The areal will be used to demonstrate industrial hydrogen applications and include research facilities for reducing a factory’s carbon footprint. Lower Saxony, the German state where Salzgitter is located, will … Read more

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GTT acquires Areva H2Gen

In mid-October 2020, French GTT announced their acquisition of electrolyzer manufacturer Areva H2Gen. Established in 1994, GTT is the result of a Gaztransport and Technigaz merger focusing on the transport and storage of liquified natural gas. With decades of experience handling cryogenic fluids, the company offers engineering and consulting services as well as training courses. … Read more

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – February 2021


  • Airbus wants fuel cell planes by 2035
  • Natural hydrogen
  • Comparing national policies
  • H2 projects in Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal and France
  • The go-to resource for all things fuel cells & hydrogen
  • What’s up in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia
  • Interview with NOW chief executive K.-C. von Knobelsdorff
  • Pyro-catalytic hydrogen production easy      
  • Hydrogen Regions, Part III: HyExperts in Emsland
  • The growing importance of nickel, tin and copper
  • Fuel cell stack monitoring
  • Breakthroughs in bipolar plate development



  • FC Expo, March 3 to 5, 2021, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan,
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit, March 17 to 18, 2021, in Porto, Portugal,
  • World Online Conference on Sustainable Technologies – WOCST, March 17 to 19, 2021,
  • Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe, April 12 to 16, 2021, online, Germany,

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Hydrogen and the Stock Market – Is it real?
Cost-free Live Webinar with H2-international Analyst Sven Joesting
February 17, 2021, online
Hydrogen companies have skyrocketed at the stock market in the last 12 to 18 months. Some experts say, it’s because the hydrogen market will take off soon and those companies will make billions. Other experts say, it’s just the next bubble.

In this webinar, Dr. David Wenger (Founder of Wenger Engineering and Mission Hydrogen, technology expert with 16+ years of experience) will discuss the stock market hype and reality from an engineer’s and hydrogen expert perspective with Sven Joesting (Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Stock Market Analyst for H2-international, Author of the BZvision-Wikifolio with 627 % performance in the last two years).

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