July 2019

New players in the fuel cell sector


picture New players in the fuel cell sector

The signs are quite clear: Large manufacturers of classic combustion engines are gradually abandoning their traditional fields of activity and investing in hydrogen technology. … Read more

picture China switches to fuel cells

This remark (“major new customers”) stuck particularly with me, because Ballard – although already on board with many top partners and large companies in research technology – expects further major new customers, according to CEO Randy MacEwen in the telephone conference on the occasion of the figures for the fourth quarter of 2018. … Read more

picture Hydrogenics – perfect foundations for 2020 ff

The momentum for the fuel cell is constantly improving with increasing dynamics. Recent co-operations such as those between Bosch and PowerCell, but also positive statements on fuel cells from automobile manufacturers such as Audi are attracting attention. Will China be the driver again, as it was when the batteries were introduced and before that in … Read more

Bloom Energy – on the right track

In the first quarter, Bloom was able to generate a good US$ 200 million in sales. The bottom line was a minus of US$ 8.8 million or minus US$ 0.22 per share. Nevertheless, a noticeable improvement compared with the same quarter of the previous year, in which a minus of US$ 22.5 million was reported. … Read more

FuelCell Energy – Reversal Split as Turbo of the Downward Trend

FuelCell had to feel what it means to fall for smart investors (loan sharks?). The preference shares that could be converted into ordinary shares were probably used to push down the price via short selling and to receive more and more shares due to a conversion ratio. Did the analysts who evaluate and recommend FuelCell … Read more

picture Tesla – the stock exchange punishes the company

Firstly, all Tesla shops should be closed, because it would be easier to sell the vehicles via the Internet, then some showrooms should remain, because firstly, Tesla would like to continue to be present in important locations (big cities) and secondly, Tesla would not be able to get out of long-term rental agreements without paying … Read more

picture Wind rescuers at the Minister of Economic Affairs

Not only the movement “Fridays for Future” has many supporters at the moment, also the “Windretter” have a lot of supporters behind them. On 10 April 2019, the initiator Sybille Riepe handed over an open letter with 4,105 signatures to the Minister of Economics of Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Bernd Klaus Buchholz. … Read more

picture Bosch is to build fuel cells

At the end of April 2019, Bosch made a loud and clear commitment to fuel cells by announcing its intention to produce FC stacks for mobile applications together with PowerCell Sweden AB in the future. According to a press release, Robert Bosch GmbH wants to “prepare the breakthrough of technology for trucks and passenger cars”. … Read more

picture MAN joins H-Tec Systems

MAN is a vehicle and mechanical engineering group and is commonly associated with combustion engines and commercial vehicles. This is now likely to change, as the subsidiary of Volkswagen AG has held 40 percent of the shares in H-Tec Systems GmbH, an electrolyser manufacturer, since the end of March 2019. … Read more

SPI without Deutsche Messe

Solar Power International (SPI) will take place this year from September 23 to 26 as part of North America Smart Energy Week in Salt Lake City, but without Hydrogen + Fuel Cells North America. As the organiser Solar Power Events confirmed to HZwei, the cooperation of the past two years with Deutsche Messe and Tobias … Read more

picture Refining renewable energies

“Let’s refine renewable energies – we as an industry would be ready.” With these words Mai-Inken Knackfuß, Managing Director of watt_2.0, opened the New Energy Days, which took place from 21 to 24 March 2019 in Husum. The H2.0 conference was the prelude to this event. More than 120 participants came to the NordseeCongressCentrum to … Read more

picture Energy storage systems are crucial

The core statements of Messe Düsseldorf were contradictory: On the one hand, Hans Werner Reinhard, the managing director of the trade fair company, explained: “A new industry is emerging here. We want to have the central platform for energy storage in Germany.” On the other hand, he stated that the exhibitor figures for 2019 … Read more

picture The H2 engine is alive

For a long time it was very quiet around the H2 combustion engine. Only Keyou GmbH from Munich adhered to this technology. Now the team of former BMW employee and current Keyou managing director Thomas Korn is receiving support from a prominent source: Deutz AG signed a cooperation agreement with Keyou at the end of … Read more

picture New contact person in Hannover

The responsibilities of Deutsche Messe AG are changing: Benjamin Low, the former Global Director of the Hannover Messe, left the Lower Saxony trade fair company at the end of February 2019. His successor is Basilios Triantafillos, who previously headed Energy in Hanover. From now on, the graduate economist will be responsible for all energy topics … Read more

picture Further change at SOLIDpower

The SOLIDpower Group does not come to rest. After Alberto Ravagni left SOLIDpower S.p.A. in mid-February 2019 and made way for Dr. Andreas Pichler, who is from Austria, as the new Managing Director, Andreas Ballhausen also left SOLIDpower GmbH at the end of March 2019. He was replaced by Gerald Neuwirth, who will henceforth steer … Read more

picture New CEP boss is Starr

The election of the new chairman of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) had already taken place during the New Energy Days in Husum, but the first public appearance took place in Hannover. At the Public Forum of Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe the baton handover took place: Thomas Bystry, who took early retirement from Shell … Read more

picture New stack for H2Bus project

The Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems presented a new fuel cell stack at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden, in mid-June 2019. The FCmoveTM-HD is specifically designed for the Heavy Duty Motive Market. According to the manufacturer, the compact, robust stack enables significantly more cost-effective operation and higher reliability with … Read more

picture Intersolar integrates new energy sectors

A trade fair is usually conceived of as an exhibition of manageable size, where some experts present very special products which are then critically examined by a moderate number of visitors. The Intersolar isn’t like that. … Read more

picture Hydrogen will come

It was full in Hannover, at least so full that almost all the halls on the exhibition grounds were occupied. Dr. Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Messe AG, put the number of exhibitors at 6,500 – just as high as in the comparable year 2017. At 215,000, the number of visitors was somewhat higher than … Read more

picture Vote for a two-energy source system

The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV) took a decisive step during this year’s general meeting on 14 May 2019 to be able to make a stronger commitment in the future to the development of a green energy industry based on hydrogen as an energy source. … Read more

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