July 2020

German government invests in green hydrogen


China charges ahead

You can feel it – the wave of optimism sweeping through the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. All the more disappointing that the German government is taking its own sweet time setting up market regulations. It is a murky green light. … Read more

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Bloom Energy’s first-quarter exceeds expectations

Projected first-quarter returns were between USD 140 million and USD 160 million. In the end, Bloom Energy took in USD 156.7 million. However, if I interpret the numbers right, another USD 40 million was shifted to the second quarter. … Read more

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FuelCell Energy – new projects ahead

FuelCell Energy recently announced that, since launching business, it had produced over 10 million megawatts of clean electricity, saving over 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. Its basis for success is the SureSource platform. … Read more

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Nikola goes public – and brings on the fireworks

Long anticipated, Nikola Motors [Nasdaq: NKLA] finally goes public. In order to get a foot in the door early, the truck maker used a reverse merger. Investors acquired a public shell company, a special type of investment vehicle. … Read more

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Tesla – up, up and away but for how long?

An unexpectedly profitable three months propelled Tesla’s stock to over USD 850 before it plunged to USD 670 when the electric carmaker’s chief executive, Elon Musk, sent out a tweet complaining about the high price. … Read more

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Ballard Power and LCS in China – the early bird catches the worm

Ballard [Nasdaq: BLDP] and Weichai, Ballard partner and major shareholder, announced they are building an LCS factory in China. Past tense, it has probably already been built. Production should begin this year. … Read more

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Plug Power to produce electrolyzers and hydrogen

In my view, Plug Power [Nasdaq: PLUG] is definitely on the right track: Building and expanding liquid hydrogen production facilities while planning to acquire United Hydrogen. The latter’s 6.5-ton annual capacity should be raised to 10 tons … Read more

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New NOW leader

On April 23, NOW’s supervisory board announced its new director in Berlin. Starting on May 15, Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, formerly a department head at Brandenburg’s economy and energy ministry, will lead the German national hydrogen and fuel cell organization. … Read more

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The one-stop H2 contractor

Apex Energy Teterow CEO Mathias Hehmann has one vision: to turn his Rostock-based business into a one-stop hydrogen contractor. He intends Apex Energy to design, plan and install devices producing and storing hydrogen as well as run and maintain them over their lifetime. … Read more

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An advocate for clean hydrogen

Although the European Commission funded many hydrogen and fuel cell projects in the last several years, the industry sector was rarely mentioned in Brussels. That changed in 2019, when high-ranking German politicians started taking a second look at the technology. … Read more

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The future role of grid operators and gas suppliers

Hybridge and Element Eins, two German flagship power-to-gas projects, have been put on hold. Managed by transmission system operators, the projects failed to secure government approval. Stakeholders now hope regulations will relax once Germany has introduced its national hydrogen strategy. … Read more

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German government invests in green hydrogen

There it is – the national hydrogen strategy. Five
federal ministries presented the cabinet-approved final
concept in Berlin on June 10. … Read more

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – August 2020


  • Interview with Frans Timmermans, European Commission
  • German government invests in green hydrogen
  • Hydrogen-exporting countries vie for top spot
  • To each their own hydrogen strategy
  • H2-PIMS or how to safely transport hydrogen blends
  • How fuel cell membranes degrade
  • A hydrogen plant to fuel Los Angeles
  • hySolutions CEO retires
  • Hexis rescues, again
  • OGE co-funds evety
  • N2telligence turns Japanese
  • Germany’s NGO hydrogen champions



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Hydrogen electrolysis production system

Manufacturer Carbotech, built in 2014, output 120 Nm³ / h, purity 99.5%. Consists 40’container, fully demineralized water generation, rectifier for electrolysis, control technology, gas treatment system, air cooler (roof-mounted).

With 2 stacks, manufactured by Ginger, 81 cells each

Only used for test operation. New price € 1.7 million.


More at or 0211-313566-0 or or 0211-313566-0 or


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