March 2020

Perhaps the most interesting energy source


Perhaps the most interesting energy source

Hydrogen has now reached the highest political level: Even before the summer break, Chancellor Angela Merkel had already spoken out in favour of an H2 strategy for Germany. It was therefore she who set the course for the energy turnaround, even before Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmeier publicly announced the presentation of a corresponding concept … Read more

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Economies of scale achievable quickly

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) is regarded as one of the pioneers of fuel cell technology, at least in Germany. The globally active seal manufacturer is one of those automotive suppliers who see the far-reaching changes in the mobility sector as an opportunity. With the purchase of battery manufacturer XALT Energy and parts of FC supplier … Read more

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Flexible, stretchable bio-fuel cell

In an international collaboration, scientists have developed a kind of “bio-fuel cell” that can be worn directly on the body and supplied with energy by sweat alone. At the end of September 2019, French researchers from the Département de Chimie Moléculaire (DCM), a research unit comprising CNRS (National Center De La Recherche Scientifique) and the … Read more

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Unknown and expensive

After the gas industry, the heating industry is now also increasingly relying on hydrogen. Although the absolute sales figures for fuel cell heaters are still low, a clear growth trend can be observed. In 2019, the number of funding applications rose by 30 percent compared with the same period of the previous year.

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North Netherlands becomes Hydrogen Valley

At the European level, Baden-Württemberg and its agency e-mobil BW had applied for EU funding for the Hydrogen Valley, but came in second behind Groningen. Now one hopes for the award for HyPerformer (see p. 22), it was said afterwards.

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CDU/CSU ministers commit themselves to hydrogen

Hardly anyone had expected such a rush. 300 participants were expected. But then 600 registered, and finally 700 came to the stakeholder conference for the National Hydrogen Strategy on 5 November 2019 in Berlin. However, the great interest is not really surprising, as a total of four federal ministries sent out invitations.

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Remanufacturing – the ultimate recycling economy

According to official statistics, waste management in Germany comprises the entire recycling economy. It differentiates between waste generation, further use and recycling as well as waste disposal. The legal basis is the Recycling Economy Act (KrWG), which is geared towards waste avoidance and recycling with the aim of protecting the environment.

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Batteries for passenger cars – Fuel cells for trucks

Two years ago, the interest of German truck manufacturers and freight forwarders in fuel cells was extremely low. It’s different today. Almost all logistics companies are now in some way concerned with the question of what fuel their vehicles will be powered by in the future.

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Acceptance of P2X technologies by young people

As part of the social science study “Invisible Kids” in the Copernicus Project P2X, the Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB), the WWF and DECHEMA examined the acceptance of P2X technologies among young people and adults in comparison.

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An entrepreneur who is doing something

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt is not only an unusual name. The man with that name is also an extraordinary person – and he does things that are anything but ordinary. In October 2019 sent out invitations to Thailand so that he could present his idea of a microgrid, a small, self-sufficient energy supply system.

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Stralsund has written H2 history

It all started almost forty years ago. At that time his interest in energy brought him to hydrogen. Since then Prof. Jochen Lehmann, a veteran of the German H2 industry, has achieved a lot: He initiated the installation of the complex laboratory Alternative Energy at the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund with the world’s first … Read more

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Hydrogen is on everyone’s lips

While hydrogen in the maritime sector has only ever been treated as an option for the future under “far away” for years, not only the events at which this energy source is the subject of lively debate are currently on the increase, but also the reports on concrete projects.

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  • German Federal Council votes for hydrogen economy
  • Major stakeholder conference in Berlin
  • HyStarter, HyExperts, HyPerformer are started
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