March 2021

Natural hydrogen – A promising source


Natural hydrogen

A promising source of clean and renewable energy – Natural hydrogen gas is known on Earth since the 1920’s. However, its potential interest as an exploitable source of energy has been growing in the past ten years. Early discoveries were either forgotten and neglected (Australia, Kansas, USA, Brazil, Mali) or located in remote areas where little … Read more

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The bigger picture brings greater justice

Future accounting calculates sustainability – Money makes the world go round. Companies seek to maximize profits, countries their GDPs. In both cases, we are dealing with figures in dollars, euros or some other currency. But what about values or services without a price tag? Such as employee health. The advice and expertise of colleagues freshly retired. … Read more

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Lift-off for hydrogen-powered aircraft?

Airbus wants fuel cell planes by 2035 – HY4 receives flight permit Discussions regarding hydrogen as an optional, exceedingly lightweight aviation fuel are not at all new. One major drawback in switching from kerosene to another energy carrier is the corresponding, complete infrastructure overhaul. Due cause for hesitation. Regardless, some companies are seriously pushing to … Read more

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Put it on the agenda

Interview with NOW chief executive Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff – As of May 15, 2020, the National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW) has a new chief executive. Formerly Klaus Bonhoff, who has moved to the German transportation ministry, his successor is Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff. Now is the time to take stock and ask what … Read more

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The Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Observatory

The go-to resource for all things fuel cells & hydrogen – Where do you go to, to get curated facts on all things related to fuel cells and hydrogen? You could spend several hours searching project information or browsing company sites, digging around to find anything useful, or you could go straight to the fuel cells … Read more

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Nucleus for a European hydrogen economy

Hydrogen Regions, Part III: HyExperts in Emsland – It’s no coincidence Emsland has grown to be a leading hydrogen production area in Germany. In 2018, one powerful idea took hold at local business leader’s regular meetings: Emsland as a pilot region for generating, distributing and utilizing green hydrogen. Led by Tim Husmann – head of H2-Region … Read more

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Hydrogen, a global priority

Comparing national policies – A year rich in change, 2020 brought a host of challenges and opportunities to the fore, as well as a new chance for the hydrogen sector to shine. Captivating both politics and the public, the sector experienced unparalleled dynamic. The industry recently received another boost as governments around the world published national … Read more

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Go East, hydrogen

What’s up in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia – Central and eastern Europe are no newcomers to the hydrogen market. Pertinent chemical and refinery industries can draw on a wealth of expertise. Poland, the region’s most important economy, was one of the European Union’s top three hydrogen countries in 2018, producing a total of … Read more

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Toward ‘HydroGenewables’ in Norway

H2 projects in Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal and France – In June 2020, the German government adopted a national hydrogen strategy, spelling out clear ambitions, concrete targets and a solid plan of action for the next 20 years, including an increase in production capacity to 5 gigawatts by 2030 and 10 gigawatts by 2040. Overall, the … Read more

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Pyro-catalytic hydrogen production

Improving waste heat recovery The pyroelectricity phenomenon – crystals converting thermal energy into power – has been known since antiquity. Our ancestors observed that tourmaline thrown into a fire attracted and then repelled ashes. Seventeenth-century scientists began studying the effect in detail, discovering the electric charges are the result of modified crystal structures. … Read more

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Very good to know

Fuel cell stack monitoring – A fuel cell stack is a living organism and individual cell voltages report its vital signs. Which is why fuel cell vehicles are usually equipped with a monitoring system promptly drawing attention to critical operating conditions and enabling immediate response. It is absolutely necessary to reduce system costs before mass production … Read more

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The catalyst miracle

The growing importance of nickel, tin and copper – New times call for new ideas – and new materials. A global increase in electrification calls for new chemical products. Petroleum catalysts are a major component of the fossil fuel era and must be replaced. The current battle for rare natural resources and chemicals makes it all … Read more

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The measure of success

Breakthroughs in bipolar plate development – Bipolar plates, or BPPs, are one of the most common components in fuel cell stacks. So, which BPP is put in a stack has a huge impact on functionality and costs. Three research projects, InProPlate, PreCoil and BePPel, funded by the German hydrogen and fuel cell program NIP II, have … Read more

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  • DWV becomes industry association
  • Angelika Heinzel retires from ZBT
  • DLR’s new leader
  • Political leaders just love hydrogen
  • EEG to jump-start a green hydrogen economy easy      
  • Interview with Katherina Reiche, National Hydrogen Council
  • Future accounting calculates sustainability
  • Hybrid event marks f-cell 20th anniversary
  • The cost of clean hydrogen-generated electricity



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