May 2020

Turquoise hydrogen: A game changer?


Turquoise hydrogen: A game changer?

The German government has announced it is planning to pass a national hydrogen strategy this year, with the aim of establishing a regulatory framework for the sector. The transportation, heat, energy storage and transfer, and chemical manufacturing markets could benefit from its implementation very quickly. … Read more

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CH2ILE – The hidden hydrogen champion

In 1883, the War of the Pacific, also known as the Saltpeter War, ended with the victory of Chile over Peru and Bolivia and Chile’s annexation of the Tarapacá and Antofagasta regions. But why go to war over the world’s driest desert? The area was rich in gold, albeit not the traditional kind. … Read more.

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How to guarantee a renewable product

The CertifHy system for tracking the origin of green (renewable) and blue (low-carbon) hydrogen has moved past the pilot stage and can now be used throughout the EU to certify the gas and issue guarantees of origin. The recent dynamism in the hydrogen market has led to discussions about the methods by which it is … Read more

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UK gears up for hydrogen heating

In June 2019, mere weeks before stepping down as British prime minister, Theresa May committed the United Kingdom to an ambitious new target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The amendment to the Climate Change Act made the UK the first G7 nation to enshrine net-zero emissions in law. This toughened stance has resulted in … Read more

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Solar, hydrogen and fuel cells combined

Vårgårda, a small town in the south west of Sweden, took a crucial step toward more sustainable public housing when it turned six apartment blocks into energy-independent buildings by using a combination of PV solar panels, batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. … Read more

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Hydrogen pipeline network

Today, most stationary power systems run on natural gas. The idea of blending hydrogen into the gas pipeline network, however, has been under discussion for a while, and there have already been some tests conducted on its feasibility. Heating manufacturers have assured clients that current-generation systems can run on low-level 10 percent hydrogen blends and … Read more

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Stationary hydrogen combustion engine

Stationary hydrogen combustion engine The WTZ engine and machinery research center in Roßlau chose a different path to developing a new stationary zero-emission system. It designed an air-independent propulsion engine called H2 DI Zero. The name stems from the fact that some of the combustion gases are recovered so the engine emits nothing but steam. … Read more

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Multi-energy residential systems

Besides replacing old devices to put in newer, more efficient ones, there also seems to be a trend toward more complex solutions. For example, Sunfire expects that at some point, entire neighborhoods will be supplied with energy through a combination of solar PV, heat pump and large fuel cell devices. These multi-energy residential systems will … Read more

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New gas boilers run on hydrogen

German consumers in need of a new heating system have expressed growing interest in home fuel cells, an assessment shared by the public hydrogen and fuel cell agency. Although there are few systems on the market these days, and pretty expensive ones at that, their numbers are rising. As it looks now, the government will … Read more

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No more diesel fuel on board

A study called ShipFuel has analyzed how technically and economically feasible it is to use fuel cell systems running on electricity-derived fuels aboard inland waterway vessels by comparing them with conventional diesel engines used for ship propulsion. The study, commissioned by the German transportation ministry, was coordinated by NOW under the auspices of the German … Read more

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Hydrogen vehicle metrology

To promote hydrogen as a low-carbon transportation fuel, a large supply network is currently in development across Europe. However, companies operating in the hydrogen industry are faced with the dilemma of having to meet certain measurement requirements. … Read more

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HZwei turns 20

It’s been over 20 years since the “Magazin für Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen” started covering the hydrogen and fuel cell sector. H2Tec, as it was called at the time, was launched by Hanover-based SunMedia Verlags GmbH at the turn of this century. In 2005, the company decided to cease publication and transfer the rights to the … Read more

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Articles of the new H2-international issue – May 2020

  • Celebrating 20 years of HZwei
  • Residential fuel cells: newcomers and leavers
  • Hydrogen fueling stations get the green light
  • Fuel cell CHP system made in China
  • Capacity needs to grow
  • A green deal is on the table
  • German government argues about hydrogen
  • Hydrogen production on platforms and islands
  • Hydrogen vehicles: Trends and outlook
  • CH2ILE – The hidden hydrogen champion
  • Bloom Energy – a restart is in order
  • FuelCell Energy – the moment you reach the growth ceiling           






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