November 2019

The Grove car’s coming


picture Heated debate concerning the CO2 price

Not so long ago, CO2 certificates were still the epitome of a bureaucratic failure: Hardly anyone wanted them. They were introduced into the energy industry, but in a way that hardly allowed them to have any effect. … Read more

picture Climate change means structural change

Climate change is very unpleasant. But it also becomes uncomfortable to do something about climate change. In Germany, the Coal Commission was formed with the task of conceiving and planning the phase-out of coal. It can last up to twenty years, it’s been agreed. The affected regions painfully fast, and the climate protectors unbearably long. … Read

picture Politicians recognise the potential of hydrogen

Something is happening in politics. After decades of niche existence, hydrogen now seems to have become socially acceptable – at least in some circles. … Read more

picture “We’re still in shock.”

Baden-Württemberg is home to a large part of the German automotive industry. However, the new headquarters of German battery research will be located in North Rhine-Westphalia, not in Ulm. Therefore, the HyFab project comes to Baden-Württemberg for this purpose. … Read more

picture Hydrogen versus Battery

Prof. Volker Quaschning has been drawing attention to the climate problem for months with many public contributions and actively supports the Fridays-for-Future-Kids by, for example, setting up the Scientists-for-Future group and thus providing scientific support for the youth movement. In mid-August, he published a fact check on the question: Which car has the best climate … Read more

picture H2ME – Europe takes stock of progress

H2ME is considered to be the largest hydrogen project in Europe: Since 2015, around 170 million euros have been invested in over 1,400 H2 vehicles and almost 50 filling stations throughout Europe – 67 million euros of which in the form of subsidies. … Read more

picture New call for FC forklifts

For years there has been a discrepancy in the hydrogen sector between North America and Europe: Over on the other side of the Atlantic, fuel cell-powered industrial trucks are enjoying great popularity, while their number in Germany is more in keeping with homoeopathic doses. … Read more

picture H2-Innovations-Campus in Görlitz

Hydrogen technology and steam turbines – this is the motto in Görlitz from now on. After the planned closure of the Siemens plant on the Polish border, announced two years ago, had caused a great deal of displeasure, the major corporation gave in and signed a declaration of intent in mid-July 2019 together with the … Read more

picture The Grove car’s coming

Similar to Tesla years ago, completely new players are now entering the market in the fuel cell sector, with the potential to mess up the previous business of vehicle manufacturers. In May 2019, the Chinese start-up Grove Hydrogen Automotive Co., Ltd. presented itself to the public for the first time after three years of preparation. … Read more

picture Life as a Hydronaut in California

I’m a hydronaut. No, that’s not a term for an underwater astronaut, but a term Honda uses to describe me, as one of their Clarity Fuel Cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drivers on California’s road today. Between three automakers (Honda, Toyota, Hyundai) there are now over 7,000 (Aug 1, 2019) FCEV’s on the road. … Read more

picture BDR wants to install 400 H2 boilers

The BDR Thermea Group commissioned a hydrogen-powered boiler at the end of June 2019. The pilot plant, which was developed at the BDR-Thermea competence centre for research and development in Italy, is located in Rozenburg, the Netherlands, and is supplied with sustainably produced hydrogen by the regional gas network operator Stedin, who also initiated the … Read more

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Articles of the H2-international issue – October 2019

  • Change is in the air
  • Ballard Power – takeover unlikely
  • Hydrogenics – Cummins Engine acquires the company
  • Bloom Energy – Price turbulence due to outlook 2020
  • Plug Power now also active for drones
  • FuelCell Energy – roller coaster ride on the stock exchange
  • Tesla – strong price reaction after sharp slump
  • Minister of Economics announces H2 strategy
  • Electro-mobility is more than just battery electric
  • Fire at an H2 station in Norway




  • FC Expo, February 26 to 28, 2020, Tokyo Big Sight, in Tokyo, Japan,
  • Energy Storage Europe, March 10 to 12, 2020, in Düsseldorf, Germany,

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