October 2018


picture Is That the Turnaround on the Horizon?
The second half of the year is said to right the wrongs of the first, when fuel cell stocks did not have a chance to shine in the spotlight. Recent oil price hikes, typically a surefire recipe for larger investments in renewable energy, have had no discernable impact either. The interest shown by institutional investors … Read more
picture Ballard Anticipates Strong Growth in Second Half of 2018
Even Ballard’s chief executive, Randall MacEwen, has been heard using the word “megatrend” to describe the future of the fuel cell market. The industry is benefitting from the technological readiness of multiple fuel cell products and bringing them to market will only be a matter of time. The driver of growth at Ballard is a … Read more
picture FuelCell Energy Stock Still in the Valley of Tears
FuelCell Energy (Nasdaq: FCEL) disclosed in June that South Korean Posco Energy would end its agreement with the company to provide certain market access rights in Asia. By contrast, other Korean suppliers have begun to invest in fuel cells on a large scale. Posco’s decision could have been made for strategic reasons, maybe to limit … Read more
picture Hydrogenics Sees Price Reset
From USD 6 to USD 12 and right back where it all started, you might say. Low revenues in quarters one and two prompted the price to dwindle. But Hydrogenics continues to offer a great outlook given all the bookings made throughout the year. Likewise, it is working on a variety of projects, particularly in … Read more
picture Tesla or the Path to and from Privatization
There came the bombshell: On Aug. 7, Tesla chief Elon Musk tweeted he was considering taking the company off the stock market, a process known as delisting. And he put a price on it – USD 420 per share, which would mean a market value of more than USD 80 billion, including debt. He said … Read more
Free Tickets for emove360
As a media partner of the emove360° Europe, the trade magazine HZwei once again offers free trade visitor tickets this year. All readers of the magazine for hydrogen, fuel cells and electromobility as well as subscribers of the newsletter can register in advance with a special code in order to receive free access to the … Read more
picture Things Move Forward in China
Enthusiasm was on display at the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition, which was held July 26 through 28 in Beijing. It showed the incredible speed at which China as well as Japan have grown in importance in the global hydrogen and fuel cell market. The People’s Republic knows how to benefit from … Read more
picture France Invests in a Hydrogen Future
Compared to other countries in Europe, France has launched a sizeable number of projects on hydrogen and fuel cells. Reportedly, the latest plan of the government is to move far beyond current figures: In early June, former environment minister Nicolas Hulot, a member of EELV, France’s Green Party, said that France would provide EUR 100 … Read more
picture CO2 Proves a Valuable Resource
Here’s an intriguing idea: Don’t burn off most waste gases produced by steelmaking but turn them into basic chemicals and capture the carbon dioxide they contain instead of discharging it into the air. It is an idea with only one caveat, in that it will most likely take another 15 years before industrial-scale systems are … Read more
picture Green Gas From Abroad?
Eco-gas such as hydrogen or methane produced from renewable electricity is widely regarded as central to effective climate change policy. But if the latest predictions are any indication, Germany will need to import most of it. This doesn’t bode well for a shift in attitude, as much of the natural gas consumed in the country … Read more
Elcore Business Continues
Following Elcore’s acquisition by Freudenberg, many former business partners didn’t know what would happen to the fuel cell heaters manufactured by the company. Manfred Stefener, formerly Elcore’s chief executive and now the head of its 40-staff office in Munich, told H2-international that Elcore would continue selling 2400 Plus devices as well as support existing installations. … Read more
picture Biocatalysts Produce Methane from CO2 and H2
Producing hydrogen in a completely natural way is something of a Rosetta Stone in science. Many have tried over the past decades, but rarely have they been able to announce a breakthrough in this field. Electrochaea, a startup based in a town west of Munich, could now have taken a big leap toward economic feasibility. … Read more
picture Textile electrodes for microbial fuel cells
Microbial fuel cells are one of the most well-known devices in a steadily expanding research field called bio-electrochemistry. As diverse and promising as technologies bridging the gap between electrochemistry and bio-economy may be, bringing them to market is fraught with challenges. Two recent collaborative efforts, TexKoMBZ and TextESys, thoroughly investigated how to develop components for … Read more
picture Military as Driving Force Behind Fuel Cell Deployment
There has been a long tradition of hydrogen and fuel cell use in spaceflight programs. But it is a little-known fact that the U.S. Army, too, has been developing fuel cell devices for multiple applications. Could its efforts translate into a first-mover advantage and give the market the boost it needs? Here’s a look at … Read more
picture MovR for the Last Part of the Route
After exhibiting a prototype at Hannover Messe this year, the German Aerospace Center, also known as DLR, has announced plans to make its hydrogen-driven cargo bike available on the market. Reportedly, a startup named Rytle, which sells all-electric bicycles called MovR, will be testing fuel cell versions this fall. Alexander Preuschoff, of Rytle, told H2-international, … Read more
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  • 16th Ulm Electrochemical Talks (UECT), November 13 to 14, 2018, in Ulm, Germany,

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Zero Emission Bus Conference

Learn what is next in clean transport   –   27th & 28th November 2018, Cologne

The Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) conference brings together 300 policy makers, bus operators and industry experts to drive forward the realisation of zero emission public transport for Europe.

National and regional policy makers are under increasing pressure to provide clean solutions for the transport sector to improve air quality across Europe’s cities and regions. The ZEB conference aims to provide these solutions and inform policy makers of the different options available to them from the battery and fuel cell electric bus industries. Participants are invited to join the exchange of ideas on these innovative technologies, and how barriers to their effective roll out can be overcome.

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