October 2019

Change is in the air


picture Ballard Power – takeover unlikely

The surprising takeover of the Canadian competitor Hydrogenics will also have a positive impact on Ballard Power’s stock market valuation: Both companies have been frontrunners in FC development for many years. … Read more

picture Hydrogenics – Cummins Engine acquires the company

The topic of hydrogen and fuel cells is also becoming increasingly hotly debated on the stock exchange. The takeover of Hydrogenics, the Canadian frontrunner in fuel cell systems for trucks and rail vehicles as well as for electrolysers … Read more

picture Bloom Energy – Price turbulence due to outlook 2020

The reports are coming thick and fast: Chinese companies and some provinces are planning to initially invest US $17 billion in hydrogen technology. A master plan already provides for 1 million FC vehicles on the country’s roads in 2030. … Read more

picture Plug Power now also active for drones

Plug Power has now acquired the Canadian company EnergyOr, which claims to have a leading technology in hydrogen powered drones and robotic systems. … Read more

picture FuelCell Energy – roller coaster ride on
the stock exchange

If you hold this HZwei issue in your hands, we will know how FuelCell Energy will continue – whether it will continue: Chapter 11 (US insolvency) or reorganisation. What has happened? Enormous amounts of shares were traded daily by … Read more

picture Tesla – strong price reaction after sharp slump

170 US dollars, a good 30 US dollars lower than I had expected (200 US dollars), marked the lowest price of Tesla’s share in the recent past, before the strong rebound to over 260 US dollars – until the disappointing figures for the second quarter of 2019 started the reverse. … Read more

picture Minister of Economics announces H2 strategy

In the middle of the summer break, Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier announced what the hydrogen and fuel cell industry has been waiting for for many years: a hydrogen strategy for Germany. … Read more

picture Electro-mobility is more than just battery electric

In 1969, exactly 50 years ago, some young visionaries enthusiastic about technology organised the first Electric Vehicle Symposium. Accordingly, the EVS32 was dignifiedly celebrated from … Read more

picture Fire at an H2 station in Norway

On 10 June 2019, a hydrogen filling station in Norway caught fire. While several media talked about an explosion, the electrolyzer manufacturer involved, Nel, stated that leaked hydrogen gas caught fire in the open air, causing a shock … Read more

picture HyFab – FC Research Factory in

The scientists on Ulm’s Eselsberg might have experienced a real roller coaster ride of emotions at the beginning of July 2019. First came the no to the battery location, but then the yes to the fuel cell location. … Read more

picture Chemnitz becomes H2-Centre

The Saxon city of Chemnitz is increasingly developing into a Mecca for hydrogen enthusiasts. On July 17, 2019, the Technical University there and the company Continental Powertrain will . … Read more

picture Quiet aviation

Fuel cell systems are also of great interest for use in drones due to their higher range compared to pure battery systems. For several years, research and development has been carried out . … Read more

picture f-cell with 24-hour rally

During this year’s f-cell, which took place on 10 and 11 September 2019 in Stuttgart, a look into the future was taken and the question of how hydrogen can make the transport sector more climate-friendly was answered. … Read more

picture Bonhoff switches to politics

The Managing Director of the National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology GmbH, Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, will leave NOW and will in future be head of the Policy Department at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). … Read more

picture Austria as hydrogen nation No. 1

On 2 July 2019, Sebastian Kurz, chairman of the new Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), and his party colleague Elisabeth Köstinger jointly presented their climate protection package. … Read more

picture Hydrogen for aviation

Fuel cell propulsion systems are not only being developed for unmanned aircraft, hydrogen is also increasingly becoming a topic in passenger transport. The US space agency NASA, for example, together with the engineering school . … Read more

picture Hydrogen vehicles in case of fire

Against the background of climate change, the reduction of greenhouse gases in the transport sector is increasingly coming to the fore. At present, electrically operated and in particular … Read more

picture Hydrogen as an export product

The city of Perth in southwestern Australia was already one of twelve cities worldwide at the beginning of the 21st century that tested fuel cell buses in local transport. … Read more

picture Iridium could slow down electrolyser run-up

Although hydrogen produced from renewable energies has been under discussion for decades as a possible alternative to fossil fuels, it has so far only played a minor role. … Read more

picture Hydrogen in the neighbourhood

The transport turnaround requires new mobility concepts and alternative propulsion technologies, for which a new infrastructure will be necessary. Seventy hydrogen filling stations have already been built in Germany. … Read more

picture Battery instead of fuel cell trains for the North

The success story of fuel cell trains to date is currently undergoing a severe setback: As the Kieler Nachrichten (news) recently reported, electric trains could roll through Schleswig-Holstein from 2022 … Read more

picture Breeze – more than just a mild breeze

Fuel cells on rails are not only talked about in the north. Numerous municipalities and regions have meanwhile turned their attention to this promising form of propulsion. The most advanced up to now is Hesse, … Read more

picture FC heaters are a good start

Letter to the editor from Klaus Lehmeyer With great interest I read your article “The search for alternatives in the heating sector” in the magazine HZwei, booklet 1, January 2019. I have had a fuel cell … Read more

picture Effect of hydrogen on materials

Atomic hydrogen partly diffuses into materials during production and operation. If this results in degradation of the material properties, the term hydrogen embrittlement is used. n … Read more

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Articles of the H2-international issue – July 2019

  • Perception and acceptance of H2 stations
  • H24Racing – hydrogen powered racing
  • Continuous infrastructure support
  • Alstom is subject in the first instance
  • Fleet introduction of H2 rail vehicles
  • Hydrogen for aviation
  • Fuel cell vehicles in case of fire
  • Effect of hydrogen on materials
  • Australia’s number one export product
  • Iridium could slow down electrolyser run-up



Change is in the air

The current interest in hydrogen is almost frightening. Too often we already had H2 hypes, according to which the image of hydrogen was worse than ever before. A number of industry representatives with whom I have talked these days are therefore sceptical and fear that the hope for sustainable change that is just emerging will immediately be destroyed again.

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  • Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Asia – Part of CeMAT Asia, October 23 to 26, 2019, Shanghai, China,
  • Hydrogen for Clean Transport, Mid-Term Conference of Hydrogen Europe Mobility (H2ME), October 25, 2019, Hamburg, Germany,
  • German-Japanese Dialogue Forum for Environment and Energy, October 29th to 30th, 2019, in Tokyo, Japan,
  • FC Expo, February 26 to 28, 2020, Tokyo Big Sight, in Tokyo, Japan,

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Advanced Battery Power – Kraftwerk Batterie

The deadline for the call for papers will be October 31st, 2019.

March 24th to 25th, 2020, in Muenster, Germany

The “Haus der Technik” (hdt) is once again prepared to organize and process a vast amount of both oral papers and posters for its forthcoming conference “Advanced Battery Power”. This event is one of the most recognized conferences on battery research, development and usage in the mobility sector and energy production and distribution sectors.



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