September 2020

National Strategy, Green Deal and Covid-19


National Strategy, Green Deal and Covid-19

Now that’s what you call luck. Right around the editorial deadline of our sister magazine HZwei, the German government debated, passed and presented its strategy to support the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. Five federal ministries were involved in drafting the strategy. Their compromise agreement sets a 2030 target of “only” 5 gigawatts in installed … Read more

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How fuel cell membranes degrade

Understanding how the presence of cations causes polymer electrolyte membranes to degrade is important to advancing PEM research. Fraunhofer ISE has been focused on analyzing various types of cations for their impact on perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) membranes. This analysis is significant in understanding the catalytic effect individual cations have on forming radicals that attack PFSA … Read more

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Enapter probes equity crowdfunding

Taking an innovative approach to raising fresh capital, Enapter, an electrolyzer manufacturer based in Pisa, Italy, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign. In late March, it began offering shares for only a few hundred euros, promising investors dividend payments over a period of five years. Germany’s financial services regulator BaFin greenlighted the investment strategy in … Read more

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Hydrogen-exporting countries vie for top spot

A key objective in Germany’s hydrogen strategy is to create international partnerships with green hydrogen exporters. To this end, Gerd Müller, the German minister for international development, recently signed a cooperation agreement with one of the Maghreb countries, announcing: “Together with Morocco, we are developing the first industrial system to generate green hydrogen in Africa. … Read more

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OGE co-founds evety

In late May, transmission network operator Open Grid Europe (OGE) formed a joint venture with TÜV Süd and Horváth & Partners to “provide a path to a hydrogen economy.” During the startup online video call, the united front of chief executives confirmed their intention to explore new markets and bring their expert knowledge in hydrogen … Read more

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Green hydrogen from

Hydrogen is considered the ideal raw material for a
sustainable energy market transformation. However, some
questions still await answers. Where will we get our
hydrogen? Will we use the gray, blue, turquoise or green
variant in the distant and not-so-distant future? Green
hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources and
often generated via water electrolysis. … Read


A hydrogen plant to fuel Los Angeles

When it comes to electricity generated from pure hydrogen, there’s good news: The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has reached an agreement with authorities in Utah to buy much of the output from the Intermountain Power Project, which will produce green hydrogen from wind and solar. All the signs point in the right … Read more

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To each their own hydrogen strategy

Once again, the two major German political parties lock horns over the national hydrogen strategy, increasing pressure on the governing coalition to decide before the summer recess. In early May, twelve MPs from the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) circulated a statement demanding a rapid escalation in renewable hydrogen facilities and calling for new partnerships with African … Read more

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Germany’s NGO hydrogen champions

Non-profit organizations aiming to establish a hydrogen economy are sprouting up all over Germany. The first was founded in Hamburg in 1989. HyCologne in the Rhineland region followed in 2007, and H2BX in Bremerhaven in 2016. Newcomers are the
Wasserstoffenergiecluster Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and H2 Süd in southern Germany. … Read more

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In with the new, repurposing the used

Renewably sourced hydrogen is an essential energy carrier for achieving COP21 climate targets. The gas can store and deliver energy anywhere, anytime, meeting demand regardless of generation facilities and end users. … Read more

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Duncan Yellen appointed ITM Motive CEO

ITM Power is growing. In mid-May, the company introduced its subsidiary, ITM Motive, which will build and operate hydrogen gas stations in the UK. The role of chief executive went to Duncan Yellen, 54, a physicist and materials researcher by trade and former project development manager for Storengy, an Engie subsidiary. At present, ITM Motive … Read more

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