July 2015

H2-INTERNATIONAL starts operation

Starting from the autumn of 2015, Hydrogeit Verlag will be issuing an International Blog & Newsletter about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – H2-international. Following from the growing levels of interest in the German journal HZwei as well as in a global, independent level of reporting, the owner of the publishing house and issuer of HZwei, Sven Geitmann, has decided to publish an English language newsletter.

In contrast to the existing Hydrogeit newsletter which already appears every month in German, its international counterpart will also include specialist reports and will therefore only be available against payment. On a similar basis to the currently available journal HZwei this digital information service will provide information concerning research results, demonstration projects as well as developments from the H2 and fuel cell sector in Germany and worldwide.

Those who are interested can find out more at

H2-international – Hydrogeit Verlag, Sven Geitmann, Gartenweg 5, 16727 Oberkrämer, Germany, Tel: +49 (0)33055-21322, Fax: +49 (0)33055-21320

E-Mail:, Homepage:, UID/VAT: DE221143829

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