Hyzon Motors – end to the observation role

Hyzon Motors – end to the observation role

H2-Truck, © Ark Energy

Ark Energy Truck made by Hyzon Motors, © Ark Energy

Hyzon Motors, a manufacturer of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles founded in Singapore (IPO via special-purpose acquisition company, SPAC, in New York), saw its the share price crash after a hedge fund named Blue Orca (a short seller?) leveled various accusations, including that an order for 20 Hyzon trucks did not come from the named customer, Hiringa Energy, but from someone completely different. Moreover, it also prompted questions about an agreement (memorandum of understanding) concerning 400 trucks for a Chinese customer. Law firms simultaneously added a string of class action lawsuits whose aim and purpose is unclear to me, though. Did someone want to initiate a lower IPO price or make stock prices tumble by short selling? (more…)