Seifert is new decarbXpo director

The restructuring of Messe Düsseldorf continues. After Energy Storage Europe was combined with the IRES Conference, the #P2X Conference and ecoMetals Day, and renamed decarbXpo (long form Expo for Decarbonised Industries), this band of events received a new leadership on August 1st, 2022. Malte Seifert has since been the new project director of this decarbonization … Read more

LOHC – Hydrogen transport made easy

How to use hydrogen, not oil, to power the economy

Fig. 1: Draining LOHCs through two bottles (the differing colors indicate which LOHC is still charged)
© Allgemeine Services KIT, Bramsiepe

To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, Germany will need low-emission – if not zero-emission – solutions for transportation and industry. As part of a Kopernikus initiative called P2X, researchers are developing ways to safely store hydrogen in containers in atmospheric conditions. They use liquid organic hydrogen carriers, also known as LOHCs, which bind hydrogen reversibly and allow the subsequent separation of carrier material and gas through a special dehydrogenation unit. It is the only method for efficiently discharging this liquid storage. At the same time, however, the hydrogen needs to be upgraded to fuel cell quality.

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Acceptance of P2X technologies by young people

Knowledge of power generation, hydrogen as a storage medium and battery electric mobility (n = 510/1.036).
Knowledge of power generation, hydrogen as a storage medium and battery electric mobility (n = 510/1.036).

As part of the social science study “Invisible Kids” in the Copernicus Project P2X, the Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB), the WWF and DECHEMA examined the acceptance of P2X technologies among young people and adults in comparison.

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What exactly is power-to-X?

Illustration of power-to-X processes, products and applications
Illustration of power-to-X processes, products and applications, © WZB

Efforts to transform the energy sector have so far focused on increasing renewable generation capacity to lay the foundation for a future energy system. This has made the use of electricity in the heat and transportation markets all the more important, since electric power is an efficient means of generating and using renewable sources of energy.

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Carbon-Filled Air as Raw Material Source

ZSW scientist prepares a thermogravimetric analysis, © ZSW

Carbon dioxide may be a greenhouse gas, but it can also be a raw material source in industries such as plastics processing and renewable energy generation, where it could gradually replace natural gas and crude oil. Capturing carbon dioxide directly from air provides several advantages for combatting climate change. While limiting the atmospheric concentration of CO2, it offers new opportunities in the chemical industry and in transportation and could dramatically lower harmful emissions by cutting into fossil fuel demand.

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